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Announcement: Public Governance International (PGI) is Relocating

On December 1st, Public Governance International will be relocating its Head Office from 275 Slater St. Suite 912 to 60 George St, Ottawa, K1N 1J4. PGI will be co-located with the Institute on Governance (IOG).

The two organisations share common areas of interest .PGI is dedicated to building the capacity of government to face the challenges of the 21st century. IOG is a think tank and a not for profit organisation working to advance the understanding and practice of good governance in Canada and abroad.

It is expected that common interests and proximity will lead reinforce co-operation between the two organisations and lead to mutually beneficial initiatives.

Annonce: Gouvernance Publique Internationale (PGI) déménage

Le 1er décembre, Gouvernance Publique Internationale déménagera son siège social du 275 Slater, suite 912, au to 60 George St, Ottawa, K1N 1J4. PGI partagera des locaux avec l’Institut sur la Gouvernance (IOG).

Ces deux organisations partagent des domaines d’intérêt commun. La mission de PGI est d’augmenter la capacité des gouvernements à faire face aux défis du 21ème siècle. L’IOG est un organisme de réflexion à but non lucratif qui travaille à faire avancer la compréhension et les pratiques de bonne gouvernance au Canada et à l’étranger.

On prévoit que ces intérêts communs, ainsi que leur proximité, mèneront à une coopération accrue entre les deux organismes ainsi qu’à des initiatives mutuellement bénéfiques.

A New Synthesis of Public Administration

The New Synthesis (NS) Initiative is an exploratory project dedicated to preparing government for the challenges of serving in the post-industrial era. The project combines practical lessons from the public sector, multi-disciplinary academic findings, and an understanding of the current realities of government to create a theoretical framework designed to support practitioners in their mission.

Developed in partnership with academics and practitioners from different countries, different systems and different historical, economic and cultural contexts, the NS Initiative is a collaborative effort to bridge the widening gap between theory and practice through preparing government for the challenges of serving in the 21st century.

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